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Confidential Coaching for new IT Leaders, Lifelong Learners & Enablers

17+ years of IT experience have proven to me again and again that when problems arise, it is rarely because of technology or methodology.

Software is created by people for people. 

These people, with all their facets, have to be in the focus.

3 benefits of coaching


Reflected people create healthy work environment which influences satisfaction of others and ultimately  whole system.


Awareness of the daily impact on fellow human beings creates attentive people and increases their emotional intelligence.


Improved productivity: coaching unlocks your potential, which in turn enables you to spark the potential of others.

Coaching is partnering on eye level in a thought-provoking and creative process, but let’s make it clear from the beginning: you will be the one doing the work not your coach.

Fearlessly, but gently I will address issues that you would rather avoid, e.g. naming hard truth, pointing out blind spots, reminding you to take responsibility. I will guide you to unlock your sleeping power, but in the end: it is always your choice. #YouMatter

Ways to Work With Me

confidential 1:1 Coaching

Coaching is widely recognized as an essential tool in learning and development programs within many organizations. Explore how it can help you to level up your game.

Walk Outside the Box

“Sitting is the new smoking”. I take it seriously and bring the coaching outdoors: walking remotely and still together – connected via internet call (audio only).

Talks, Workshops, group coaching

Various topics around agility, leadership, software testing, communication with visualizations.

Please contact me for details.

Your Coach

Kris Corbus

Meaningful software development is what I’m passionate about. As your coach, I combine my extensive IT experience – in product development and also consulting – with my expertise as a co-active coach.

Past talks & Workshops

HTW Berlin
SoCraTes 2022
Softwerker Konferenz 2022

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