learning Journey India

Significant Learning Journey to India

Why are you going to India?

almost everyone asked me when I announced it. I guess they were waiting for juicy details about divorce or midlife crisis. 

I was surprised. I thought people knew me, my passion to explore and do what I cannot do.

And no, we are not divorcing. I am not so sure about my midlife crisis ūüėĬ†

But all that was not the reason why I went to India.

The secret is that I had been dreaming about going on learning journey to India since I was a kid. I had read all those beautiful books about amazing, breathtaking India. Yes, there were descriptions of hardship and the destructive power of masons, but all I took from that was that this was a calling for me.

A calling that had been calling to me for almost 30 years.

At first, I was too poor, then I had little kids, then I was busy with my career…


In fact, I was dreaming but never believing that I could really go there.

I was coming up with all kinds of excuses for why I couldn’t go to India.

No one was holding me back.

Except myself.

Let that sink in.

No one was holding me back, except myself.

I never even checked flight prices.

I was in love with a fantasy!!

My dream was safe as long as it stayed a dream. 

By going and seeing everything with my own eyes and feeling with my own skin, I could experience reality which would be very far away of my dreams.

I could loose my dream! Such a¬†terrible feeling…

This summer, something clicked for me.

How long I am willing to tell the same story? I am done with dreaming and doing nothing. I choose action!

Living without knowing how my learning journey dream could look like in reality was no longer an option.

I checked the flight prices, I found a meditation training, I made a decision…

And I panicked, believe me. It was a whole week of panic.

But I am extremely proud of myself that even with panic, I stuck to my plan, did all the bookings, and took off.

Naddi. Learning journey to India

My dream in reality was AMAZING!

I already plan to go again!

Does it all sound familiar to you?

What is your dream that you carry around? 

How can I help you take the first step toward making it a reality?

What is holding you back, except yourself?

Is it fear of unknown?

The truth is that fear will never go away. 

Fear is one of our basic responses; it is always there. The question is if you are willing to give it power over you and your dreams.