I Grow People!

I am very proud to introduce people to my business activity as: “I grow people”! No, I do not grow them in an incubator, my speciality is personal development. It is a very intense process in which individuals with my help raise awareness of the status quo, change perspectives and expand their horizons. After all that nothing is like it was before: they overgrew themselves. 

I used to be a trainer and trained people to deal with a specific IT problem. When we were done, they could solve this one particular problem and that’s all. If the next day another problem appeared they had to come back to me or look for another trainer who would help them to deal with another kind of problem.

I started to ask bigger questions… and I realised that being a trainer does not support my values of sustainability and independence.  

While I was looking for a long term solution for my clients, I was going through stuff myself. I learned to know co-active coaching and found the missing puzzle piece. It changed me.

I am very passionate about human beings. I find them fascinating. Many of the problems are self made. Mine included. Life is given to figure things out. 

My start in tech was not easy: a woman, a mother, an immigrant from east Europe. Wherever I went, I felt judged, ignored and overlooked. But most of that was in my head. When I finally tapped into my strength and power, I grew bigger.

When I grew bigger I realised that my problems are not really impediments. I simply could step over them. In this particular case: it does not mean who I am and where I come from. If I can do a job, I do the job. 

I cracked the code and now help other people to grow as well.