Kris Corbus

Embracing Recreation and Rediscovering Self

Time for a deeply personal journey that has shaped my perspective on life and work.

A Heartbreaking Loss and the Desperation for Success

At 34, my world was shattered as I bid farewell to my beloved mother. In the midst of grief, I found myself desperately running after success – living abroad, pregnant with my third child, and leading a team on an ambitious AI project. The weight of responsibilities felt overwhelming, and I pushed myself to prove my worth, to succeed at any cost.

Kris Corbus

Sacrificing Self-Care and Ignoring Vital Whispers

As time passed, my relentless pursuit of success led me to neglect the most crucial aspect of life – caring for oneself. I disregarded the whispers of my body, the signs that it needed healing and restoration. My health suffered, but I was consumed by the relentless drive for achievement.

The Call for Renewal through the Power of PlaY

It wasn’t until I reached a breaking point with thyroid dysfunction and depression that I realised the importance of change. Now I was forced to take time for myself. At first I wanted to be the first one who recovers quickly. I thought 2 weeks would be enough to recover from depression. Now I can only laugh about my naive thinking. Through months to come I learned to transform my approach to life and work. And that’s when I discovered the profound impact of play and recreation.

Embracing Play to Reconnect with Joy

As a coach, I know that play isn’t just for children; it’s a powerful tool for adults to reconnect with their joy and creativity. By embracing recreation, we unlock new perspectives, untapped potential, and a refreshed sense of purpose. Play helps us rediscover ourselves and find the balance between success and well-being.

Prioritise Your Well-Being

Dear IT enthusiasts, in a world that celebrates relentless ambition, we do not have to accept it. No matter what everyone else says and does, we can have life and work on our terms! We defined our own success! When someone talks about work-life balance, remind them that without a life there is no work. Block time in your calendar for self-care and play. Investing in your own well-being ultimately enhances our performance, fuels innovation, and breeds lasting success.