Fighting War With a Purpose

How have you been doing these days? I got the news about the beginning of war in Ukraine not from news channels, but from my client. She informed me that she has to cancel our session that day due to the beginning of war. My hands got shaky and I had a panic attack (I was 11 when Russia had a “special operation” with tanks in my home country). After it was over I got into action mode: how can I help?

An Offer

Many of my coaching clients praise Life Purpose exercise as a practical and powerful tool which gives clarity and helps to make decisions in their daily life. So I decided to raise money for Ukraine by offering a single coaching session with the aim of creating your Life Purpose Statement.

In order to raise money for Ukraine and help as many people as possible I reduce my coaching fee to 100€ / 150$ and will donate 50% of that income.

Duration of this offer: March and April 2022. If you have any questions write an email or contact me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Reserve your spot in my calendar.

How does it work?

The way I work on Life’s Purpose is through metaphors. We start with guided visualisations to give your fantasy a little push to fly. Next step is to debrief and look for the impact you want to create. Then starts the messy part with brainstorming and iterating. At the beginning we have crappy copy, first draft, silly words and by peeling the onion we get to the core which will uncover your life purpose. The result does not have to make sense to anyone other than you.

Why would you need it?

Daily chaotic life quite often distracts us from our goals. The Life Purpose statement in simple words reminds us what we want to achieve and what kind of impact we want to have in our lives.

I want to fight the war with a purpose!