online coach Kris Corbus

Who is this online leadership coach? Hi there! Nice to meet you. This is me:

Kris Corbus

Passionate software quality evangelist, meet-up founder, conference organizer, speaker, mentor, trainer and coach.

17+ years IT experience | certified Co-Active Coach
Kris Corbus listens

Why coaching, Kris?

Working as a software tester I have seen a lot of emotions, when it came to bug reports or failed software. By learning and gaining knowledge in domain I started to see correlation and different patterns behind bugs, development of a project, software quality, company culture, management and customer evolvement and team spirit. I am good in analysing things and finding patterns, but that is not enough for me. I always wanted to be a part of a solution.

For more then a 4 years I fulfilled that wish by working as an IT trainer and sharing my knowledge with individuals and teams. Coaching I see as a next logical step: to dive deeper in learning and coach you that you can achieve your dreams and make this world better. This is why I decided to launch my own coaching business.

to empower tech people to be courageous, bold, and diverse.

Curious about my unofficial Vita?

I am also

nerd, power woman and lifelong-learner

I am impulsive and full of energy. Quick dance in the kitchen? Jam of air guitars in middle of Berlin? Yes! I call it taking life with both hands!

Is it roses all the way?

No. In spite of trying to live my life fully, I was diagnosed with depression. Few things what helped me – being aware of my values and life purpose – I show to my coaching clients as well.

Some fun facts

I use dark mode in apps and like to analyse data not only at work, but also in my private life.

I’ve seen all the Harry Potter movies and read all the books. Multiple times. I like diagrams, codes and algorithms , which is why I like knitting so much. I have an infectious enthusiasm, need to grow myself and desire to help others grow.

…and I am many more things: mother, wife, sister, neighbour, business owner, gardener, supporter, rebel, dog lover, part of community…