Confidential Coaching Sessions for new IT Leaders, Lifelong Learners & Enablers

Leadership coaching for IT people? Of course! 17+ years of IT experience have proven to me again and again that when problems arise, it is rarely because of technology or methodology.

Software is created by people for people. These people, with all their facets, have to be in the focus.

3 Great Reasons for Coaching

If something bad had happened to you, you have two options: to let it define you or not. You decide who you are and what is your story.

You may misuse your friends or hire a coach who gives you unattached feedback or holds a mirror. That’s how we improve.

We all have an inner voice that hold us back. In coaching we call it “Saboteur”, “Inner Critic” or “Negative Self Talk”. It’s main job is to preserve the status quo. In coaching we address and challange it.

How It Works?

“n” is agreed number of sessions, “x” is current number of session

Coaching Structure

Ways to Work With Me

Executive Coaching

Coaching is widely recognized as an essential tool in learning and development programs within many organizations. Explore how it can help you to level up your game.

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Walk Outside the Box

“Sitting is the new smoking”. I take it seriously and bring the coaching outdoors: walking remotely and still together – connected via internet call (audio only).

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Clarity session for skilled and impatient

You know how coaching works, you have done it already and it was good. Now you need a neat sparring partner. I said: NOW!

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years in IT





Dream Developer

Kris Corbus

Meaningful software development is what I’m passionate about – my mission is to revolutionise IT domain! to empower people in software development to be bold, courageous, and diverse. As your coach, I combine my extensive IT experience – in product development and also consulting – with my expertise as a co-active coach.

Nice to meet you!

Speaking Engagements

talks & interactive, hands-on workshops


“I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else.” Pablo Picasso

Fighting War With a Purpose

My hands got shaky and I had a panic attack (I was 11 when Russia tried to start a war in my home country). After it was over I got into action mode: how can I help?

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Secrets Behind Transformative Coaching

I work with transformations. Whether you have to or you want to change, I am here to guide you.First thing that everyone wants to know – how long will it[…]

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Coaching Structure

Structure of Coaching Process

Effective coaching process always has a structure. This is how I work. 

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Get Free With Help of Positive Error Culture

The pathological fear of making mistakes hinders any innovation process.

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let’s write new rules of what is good & wrong in IT!