Badass Coaching Framework

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Coaching Framework

Before you start a coaching relationship it is typical to want to know what value you will get for your money and how high your investment will be. For this purpose I created a coaching framework. I aligned it to agile contracts: fixed time, fixed cost and estimated scope. Below are several pricing examples with typical coaching situations, but coaching is always uniq and tailored your needs.

It means that you set lenght of one session (43-61min) and decide on your budget (see options below). The scope we cocreate together, but you are the one who decides.

We set borders for our relationship and you actively shape me as your ideal coach.

Coaching Framework

My Clients Are

analytical, logical and creative

It’s time to expand your role as an innovator, enabler and creator. Maybe they are not sure if they want to be leaders, but they see the way how to solve complex human problems.

successful and solve difficult tasks

Without a lot of talking they take the responsibility and plan next steps of action.

Their career is their priority and they invest time and money in their growth. 

ambitious, but meaningful action oriented

They have big dreams and they are determined to fulfill them. They also care about people around them and are aware of their legacy.

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Special Mini Offer

Who You Are as a Leader?!!

You got promotion! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

…and now what? You are left alone to figure things out. SInk or swimm. Framework is there, daily tasks pile up, you start to introduce yourself to the team and coworkers , but you keep asking yourself: who I want to be as a leader? You are trying your best, but you cannot seize the answer which pleases you.

No worries!  I can help you to sort it out.

We meet 4 times in 4 weeks for 43 minutes each session.

You will gain clarity on your new role, your values and goals and ideas of your legacy.

Your Investment: 727 €/ 887$

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NB: the link goes to calendar. No online payment. You will receive an invoice and contract per email.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is the most powerful approach to personal development. It used to be well kept secret of people in C-level positions, but the good news are that this framework now is accessable to everyone. You are an executive of your own story!

The most important element in a successful 1:1 coaching is creating a space where you feel comfortable to discuss your topics, concerns and even fears. Executive coaching will help you find the resources within yourself to create sustainable transformation.

NB: the link goes to calendar. No online payment. You will receive an invoice and contract per email.

I’m Ready!


  • 3 Month Commitment
  • 6 x 60 minute coaching
  • Wheel Of Life, Life Purpose
  • support between sessions
1523,00 € / $ 1’847.00

All In!!1


  • 6 Month Commitment
  • 12 x 60 minute coaching
  • Wheel Of Life, Leader & Allies, Saboteurs, Life Purpose
  • support between sessions
  • 1 sessons for free (ca 8% discount)
2797,00 € / $ 3’373.00

Prioritising Myself


  • 1 Year of Commitment
  • 24 x 60 minute sessions
  • Wheel Of Life, Leader & Allies, Saboteurs, Life Purpose
  • support outside coaching session
  • 4 sessions for free (16% discount)
5081,00 € / $ 6’163.00

Walk Outside the Box

Ever notice that your “eureka!!” moments usually happen in a shower or when you are moving around? It is not a coinsidence: studies show body movement can unlock creative ways of thinking.

Physical activity has been central in the life of our species for most of its history. However in last 50-100 years our behaviour has changed dramaticly. You will find many studies on physical activities and its impact on our body. Even if you were lazy for years you can start now and reverse at least some of the unwanted effects of sedentary lifestyle. If that is not enough: scientists had discovered that physical activity can also contribute in delaying brain aging and degenerative pathologies such as Alzheimer’s Disease, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.

Why not to use it and have a coaching session while Walking?

NB: the link goes to calendar. No online payment. You will receive an invoice.


Most popular

3 Month

  • 6 x 1h coaching session
  • audio only
  • you will move your body
  • collect vitamin D
  • get clarity on your topics
1217,00 € / $ 1’523.00


Most popular

6 Month

  • 12 x 1h coaching sessions
  • audio only
  • getting those daily steps
  • relaxing eyes from monitors
  • reduce stress
  • sparring and getting clarity while walking
  • 100€ discount / $200 discount
2203,00 € / $ 2’531.00
Only for my ex clients

Single Clarity Session

You know me, you know how I can help you. You finished your coaching, but life happens and you would like to have a single clarity session to sort things out.

Let’s make it!

2h session 521€  or $619

you know the drill

Energy & Mindset Check

You can make everything framework to look good on paper, but you need more to make a decision. Before starting coaching relationship I offer to have a session where we check if our energy levels and mindsets align.

Agenda for this call:
  • What are your expectations from coaching?
  • How your ideal coach looks like?
  • Short introduction to general coaching timeline and tools
  • Ca 5 min coaching session. I do not expect to achieve any results here, but just to give you a feeling.

I do not offer free sessions. Just like a dentists would not fix your teeth or a hairdreser would not cut your hair for free. But I do offer flexible payment options.

I see you

You came here cause you are analytical, logical and creative, successful, ambitious and meaningful action orientated. Yes, you are. But also you are sensitive dreamer and believer.

Success is your shiny armour, but sometimes you are feeling… paralyzed, overwhelmed, ineffective, or isolated. Don’t worry, you secret is safe with me.

If you are ready to deal with things inside and level up your game, coaching can be just a framework you need. I’ll support you look forward, not backward. I’ll ask you hard truths, provide resources and assign actionable tasks. You will feel confident inside and outside.

It’s time to invest in yourself. In your career. In your organization. The world needs you to be at your best. I can help get you there.