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Aim Higher!

People behind IT

Classic (not an Agile) coaching for IT people? Yes! From one nerd to another: Agile can’t solve all problems… I believe that everyone has the solution to what he/she defines as a problem within themselves. Other ground rules? Yes, this one: you’re not broken; that means I don’t have to fix you! So let’s rather find your true voice and work on your superpowers! You don’t see yourself as a superhero? Would you rather describe yourself as an “outsider” or “misfit”? I’d really like to have a conversation with you about how exactly superhero and misfit are not the same thing!!!!1 15 years of IT experience have proven to me again and again that when problems arise, it is never because of technology, but almost always people (behavior patterns, emotions, context) and interfaces between the (soft skills) are involved. Software is created by people for people, so these people, with all their facets, need to be the focus. That’s why I offer coaching for IT people.

Do you need coaching?

Test yourself: if any of the following apply, then coaching would be a good idea.

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You want to grow

for example, build on your strengths, improve your social skills, better implement your abilities.

You suffer

under a professional or private situation, under physical or mental overload, lack of recognition for your achievements, under conflicts with colleagues, superiors or other fellow human beings

You are looking for

for example, for a new way, for a goal, for a different way of life, for a solution to a concrete problem.

You are changing

from one position or job to another, from the status of colleague to that of supervisor, from one location to another

Coaching is

My six current use cases:

"Who am I to lead them?"

"What is it - Soft Skills?"

"My employees are my greatest asset"

"I feel like a failure"

"I do not know who I am anymore..."

"I have only one quick question..."

Ingredients for a successful coaching

Coaching can only work if absolute confidentiality is maintained: what we discuss remains between us. Discretion is the essential basis for you to be able to talk about your personal matters in coaching.

Every journey needs a destination – so does coaching. Where do you want to go? What do you want to achieve? When formulating the goal, it is extremely important that it is a solution that you as the client can actually bring about. Coaching must focus on what is feasible.

Experience and science show that even the smartest advice from the outside does not work, so do not expect any lectures from me. The solution for you must come from yourself, because only insight coming from within leads to long-term and lasting changes.

The Honorarium

How much a targeted coaching costs is a central question for every client. There is no general answer to it. The range is from 100 to 350 euros. The cost of coaching depends on many factors, such as the qualifications and professional experience of the coach. I  increase my hourly rate per each additional training completed, but I offer discounts for my regular clients and I take few pro bono clients.

Even if the cost of coaching seems relatively high, you have to put it in relation to the direct benefit of coaching. Compared to training (typically 1500€ – 2500€ for 3-5 days) coaching can even be relatively cheap. Aditionally coaching can be used without loss of work time and usually shows a direct effect. 

Tip: the expenses for coaching can be claimed as further education for tax purposes, since the aim is to improve professional competence.