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Behind The Scenes: Coaching Business

Coaches are terrible in business and especially in marketing and branding. Including me.  To our defence coaching schools teach us brilliantly in coaching techniques, but completely ignore the business part. With tons of excuses. My assumption: they do not know themselves. So, I said it! Now you can prove me wrong.  The best that my…
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Secrets Behind Transformative Coaching

I work with transformations. Whether you have to or you want to change, I am here to guide you.First thing that everyone wants to know – how long will it take? My answer is: “It really depends on how fast you adapt to new environments, learn new things and expand your mindset.’’ Only you can…
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Coaching Structure

Structure of Coaching Process

Effective coaching process always has a structure. This is how I work. 

Get Free With Help of Positive Error Culture

The pathological fear of making mistakes hinders any innovation process.